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$ 10,150
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The fund was founded by economists, software engineers and creative designers combining the future of technologies and finance.

Key financial highlights of Manhattan VC

for the second quarted of 2022

VC Funds Assets
$ 191.1 M
Capital and Reserves
$ 31.9 M
$ 1.6 M
Operating Income
$ 6.3 M
Liquidity Coverage Ratio
$ 139 %
Capital Adequacy ratio
$ 19.36 %

We are 16 years in finance and have only started our journey where we invite you

Co-invest in startups. Manhattan VC Holding is the Venture Capital firm build to fund its own managed startups. It means that everything that you will see in our portfolio is done by us and managed by our team.

We have created a unique network of trusted professional investors, that are firms only, who support the companies wich we are managing and developing.

Inside our network, investors can only follow up with each company, see the financial data online, make reports and manage their own capital 24/7/365. The modern approach to finance allows us to build the unique infrastructure for our startups.

9 FinTech startups
in our portfolio
16 years
of experience
$ 500,000,000.00
porfolio valuation by the Big 4
profit growth per annum

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Founded in 2022
The future of Space Finance
Countries: USA & Canada
Market value
$ 50,000,000.00
Company Market Cap
$ 70,12B
Information Technologies
Space Science
Space Finance

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